March 16, 2011

Blue x2

We all ran away from home last week. The Mister had some time off work and he knows me well...Knows that I was working myself so busy that I was starting to run on empty...Not feeling well, tired, headache and worrying way too much about the stuff not getting done instead of the things that are. Not my usual way of positive perspective. So, the 3 of us headed for the mountains, the tree's, fresh air, real deer. I bought my favorite homemade soap from my very favorite soap place, and we all picked up new books from the book store...a little lunch, a long walk,  finished with a drive around daydreaming about which mountain base we should buy a house at..In anycase, I came home refreshed and happy and ready...

Sidenote: If was a beautiful day! The sun was out, no wind..perfect. However, we still had our mitts, heavy jackets, hats and scarves on..its still a calender winter. When we went for lunch, there was nearly 2 dozen people bundled up in there winter gear, sitting on the patio's of the restaurants drinking there pints of beer and Ceaser cocktails...and honestly, if Bunny wasnt with us, the Mister and I would have too....We're so Canadian! I love it! That season between the end of winter and begining of spring is the Canadian patio season, and is one of my favorites!

Ive been working with a client for a while now, trying to find her the most perfect bedside tables ever..Finally, she found some: These.

Unfortunatly, these were already sold and on there way to I kept up the hunt and finally, finally found THESE:

*Picture "borrowed" from previous ower* 

She LOVED the blue of the first set of tables, and had a duvet cover from (ekkk! my very favorite) Anthropology so even tho she invited me to use whatever colors I fancied and no holds bar'd, I knew that going with the blue she loved was perfect!

Once I stripped the old, muggy varnish off, the grain if the wood on the spindels was bea-u-ti-ful, and I couldnt bring myself to paint over I re-stained in my favorite dark walnut!

Also, my client is married...and he appears to me like a manly-ish man, like my altho, I couldnt help but add these flowers to the top in a shade lighter than the rest for suttlty (is that a word??), I knew that the large clunky flower pulls (just like these) I wanted to add, would just put these tables over the Women's Pretty Vs. Man's Pride edge..I even asked The Mister what he thought and he told me the same thing. Normally he doesnt give his imput into my projects, so when he does..I listen and he was exactly right.

Now, afterwards, I think the stone is PERFECT in combo with the natural wood legs.
A lil distressing, a lil antique oil glaze and these babies are ready for there new home.

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  1. Love the blue color....very nice!

  2. love these! the color and the painting on the top is awesome! and that butterfly art above is to die for- it looks wonderful with the color of the tables!

  3. LOVE THIS! Come on ova' and link up to my Linky Party! xoxokara


  4. i love these! they are so pretty, and the tops are gorgeous. thanks so much for sharing this at my party!!

  5. Thank you for the Love and the party link-up's! The more I spend time with these, the more I want to be "your sidetables? Wha.. sidetables??"

  6. I love that color of blue. I also love the spindles. I think they stick out like this, too.

  7. Oh my gosh, I used to have end tables like the octagon ones. I almost wish I had kept them, but they look so much better the blue you painted them. Great job.

  8. They look beautiful. I love the color you picked. You are very talented!

  9. OH, They are gorgeous... Great Transformation!! Would you mind sharing the blue color... it is fabulous & I really like the legs left with the stain.
    Beautifully done!!!

  10. I would love to share the color, especially because I will need to buy more when this one runs out...Its a favorite. Unfortunatly, it was a mistint oops paint at Lowe' sadly, I dont know what it is.... but thank you so much!!


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