January 1, 2011

First Voila of 2011~

New Year, New Project. Im excited that thru the caos of the holidays, I still managed to get a piece done! Its nothing big or complicated. My Bunny was off school this week so altho this kinda project would normally take me a day or two, I closed the basement doors and took advantage of having her home with me. When I did manage to sneak down (with cookies, wine and new songs on my ipod) it was selfishly awesome to get that time for myself to be creative!  When I picked this baby up (in the very far super ridiculous opposite end of this massive city I live in...that's how much potenial I saw in her) and the Mister was helping me haul her in the house..he asked what my plan was. I spit out Navy and Copper before I even thought about his question. That quick mindless planning did turn out to be perfect for its successful-ness in gettting her to the "viola" tho. We leave for our Disney cruise in 13 sleeps and I dont want to leave any piece 1/2 arse completed..its would drive me NUTS. I know Im going to go thru painting withdrawls already, so Ive been trying to do a lil over load beforehand...Im hoping I can start another today before we have to leave to a dinner party at 630. Wow, thats sounds so fru-fru-posh. Trust me, my social scene is not that interesting. Its a work thing for the Mister, I go to support him but would prefer to stay home in my jammies with last nights ( new year's eve) mascara still on face....I know you all know what Im talking about.

In ANY case....here it the quiet boooorrring piece a la before:

And the Afta!

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  1. that is just BEAUTIFUL! I am needing a new piece of furniture in the living room & something like this would be PERFECT, i'm inspired! love following your blog :)

  2. wonderfully versatile piece, great aging and adore those door pulls - as i'm sure you did which is why you so beautifully chose them!
    looking forward to ramblings and smiles and success abound!

  3. Thanks!! Im loving this piece too...I hauled upstairs (in which I mean, The Mister hauled it up 2 flights of stairs)just to take a photo, but afterwards, I tossed our games onto one shelf, our photo albums into another shelf and the iron and related domestic-bliss stuff on the third shelf...she's is one MULTI FUNCTIONING piece of beaut! Thanks so much for the comments...

  4. That looks so cool! I love the flower knobs and the tin (is it tin?) int he doors is amazing! What a great re-do!

    I just listed a giveaway for an "our nest" sign! Hope you can join in! alittleknickknack.blogspot.com

  5. I love this SO SO much! It turned out fab... and what a great eye you have!

  6. Thank you so very much! This one was so fun to do! Its not real tin actually and you just asking that question meant I was successsful at it "faux-ness"..LOL
    Its paintable wallpapaer (Im addicted to this stuff) and I just did layers of color to attempt to make it look like the real deal! The green patina really shows strong on the photo but in real life its much more suttle! My husband keeps asking if Im going to change the handles..his tactful way of saying he doesnt love them..so, Thank you all again for the comments. I'm gonna leave them!

  7. Beautiful and unique! Great job!

  8. fabulous! i love those knobs on it, and i think it looks like a pie safe with the panels now- rustic chic!

  9. You have fabulous vision! Thank you for linking up to the "Amaze Me Monday" blog party!!


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