December 17, 2010

Sometimes its so easy

While Ive been working away on the consignment dresser in my previous post (Which of course after I posted about it, couldnt leave it alone as I didnt LOVE it yet, so I changed a few things..jazzed up a few things, then fell in love and know now that its finished and at its best..Ill add new photo's of it tomorrow when I have The Mister here to help me haul it into the light) The dresser was a lot of very well worth it, but while waiting for coats of paint to dry, and being dirty already, I started on a desk that I just hauled home exactly a week ago today....I knew I wanted to keep it simple.

Its cute in an ugly sorta way..the flowers on the drawers were even painted pink with green leaves..very cutsie.

I had bought a can of "oops" paint the other day from Home Depot (sidenote: I cannot freakin wait for Lowes across the street from my HD to open! HURRY UP already! Yeeshus!)
I thought this can was A) a light gray and B) Latex....It was neither. Really not sure what happened there...
In anycase, I realized both of these things when I started to paint this desk..The color is a light beige-y shade....not my color strongpoint at all, and oil....fugg. The only color I have thats in oil is a gun metal gray from The Mister's desk project (Here) and the dry brush idea I was toy-ing with wasnt really my favorite for this piece...I didnt want to over-due details with anything too intense or handpainted since there was the flowers on the drawers already.  I distressed the whole thing and glazed it all up with a metallic bronze to add some very slight shimmer....Now, my style doesnt let me just leave it,no,no,no. It neeeeeded something else...something jazzy and pazzazy BUT not overdone...and I had the perfect vintage floral paper to add! Colored up the hardware, which were already just the perfect style and clunky-ness and Viola! I LOVE LUV  her...I want to keep it for myself  forever and ever and ever

This project kinda came together on its own..I never stumbled for idea's or colors or design..It seems I just looked up and it was done perfectly...Sometimes, its so easy..and sometimes those are the best ones...
Sadly, I have to sell her...She's too "girly" for my Bunny and I ready HAVE a desk..Unless, I sell that one? Mmmmmmm..

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  1. I love it to Christie! Those knobs are to die for!

    Happy Holidays!


  2. What a fun transformation!

  3. I love how the blue knobs pops! :) It gives a fun touch to this desk.

    KEEP IT! hahaa :)

  4. Thank you for being that lil devil on my shoulder! Ya know what I did to help with that?I went and listed my desk for well as this one....Lets see which one I end up with! Kinda exciting actually!!LOL

  5. it looks lovely! i love the added touch of the paper on the skinny drawer.

  6. I also love the blue pop of color.

  7. So cute! I really love the painted harware, they really stand out.


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