December 16, 2010


Whoa. Ive been gone a long time. Its nothing personal. I've been pretty unorganized and kinda overbooked lately, so I feel scattered making sure Im fitting everything in. I even completly forgot about stocking stuffers! Ugg..for real. Guess I just for-go'd my:
                             Mom of the Year award for
                        Organization and Holiday Prep...

Last year I lost it too for "Grace under Fire" when our fondue pot tipped over and started the (beautiful I might add) table setting a-blaze...I swore like a trucker but barrel laughed till I cried at the same time...Umm, not recommended until after the flames have been doused...ANY-WAY, I thought I was all done with shopping and then while doing dishes..thank Lord and Bejezzuz, I suddenly remembered that I havent got anything for the stockings. Its normally my favorite part of shopping. Imagine trying to explain that Christmas morning..not only were there empty socks..but there wasnt even hunks of chocolate reindeer poop either. Im pretty sure my Bunny knows the truth about *ahem* Santa..but I also know her well enough to know that she wont ever say it to me because I still push the whole Santa thing and she wouldnt want to spoil Christmas for her ol Lady..She's just so awesome.
So, I have been painting..Its the me time Ive been carving out of my days...Im working on a piece for a beautiful person who wanted me to jazz up her old dresser..

                                                                      Very un-jazzy

Not having ever been to her house................yet. Her and I have big big plans coming up...I had no specific idea what to do at first. She gave me complete free artistic reign but I know my taste is shabby-chic-hippie and others are I wanted to play it perfect for her. 
I stumbled upon some paper that had metalllic golds and coppers and silvers in it and became inspired....Here she is now..

I had a tough time with this one only because I dont at all feel confident in my freehanded Paisley design abilities....I am my own worst critic and so I still dont think its "done" enough to make me happy but, thats my OCD for sure kicking in overdrive...I had stripped and stained the top with a homemade concoction that gave it a pearly-sparkly- golden tone which I do love...but in my OCD-ness (again) had planned on painting it out to the matching grey just to make it all more uniform. I sent this photo to J whereas she wanted me to get my hands off of that idea and leave it alone...easy. Done. So long as she LOVES it and nothing less....Ill do as she says.

I did so add the paper to the front and distress it a lil bit with glaze. Then added my very favorite amber glass pulls.....

Im off to take another look at her before the schlaking begins. I know she's wanted back at home...

**Im just re-doing the jazzy-ness of the side panels...this beaut is living in my kitchen so I can stir the pot of __________ cooking on the stove inbetween coats of paint. Im dedicated, what can I say..Ill post photo's of the finished-finished piece hopefully by Wednesday**fingerscrossed*


  1. gorgeous! welcome back.....I so get the forgetsies, I just got presented with a gift at work from my secretary today, cause we usually exchange....

    yup, I forgot :( DUH!

  2. i don't think i am up for any mom of the year for anything awards! :) i saw the thumbnail and i knew this had to be your piece- it is very funky and cool!

  3. This is just gorgeous! Very creative. {sigh...}

  4. fantastic - love the repurpose, refurbish and refrain from just buying when folks like YOU can create something new outta something old!

  5. you really are talented :)

    Followed your blog!


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