December 5, 2010

Rambling and a...........................FEATURE!!!

Ive been SUPER busy lately but at the end of the day, feel like Ive accomplished nothing at all. I HATE that! I think its because I have 3 4 major, things going on at the same time...
One being Christmas,
Two being a doozy of a trip we're taking right after Christmas that needs some ahead of time preparing,
Three being a piece Im working on for a client and
Four is Christmas again only because Im making most of my gifts this year (as pre decided by all family members)
and none of those major's are actually done enough or have happened to cross off the list. Id show ya all what it is Im creating but I know some of the recipients read my blog and I dont want to spoil anyone's Christmas or, as I tell my Bunny, kill a reindeer. Ok.That sounds a lot worse than it is. Before I get emails from Peta (Hi! I LUV animals and eat very little meat!) I dont actually do that..I stole it off the movie Hook with a lil shuffling of the details...everytime someone says they dont believe in Fairies, a Fairy dies...SO, I say everytime someone snoops for there presents, a reindeer dies.  Its worked thus far. Please dont judge...

So, normally by now, Id be Viola..done my project and have crappy but best I can do photo's to show. As once I get inspired and motivated, my OCD kicks in and I abandon all living things and paint until the reveil. However, the other 3 major to-do's on my list are hindering my OCD process that Ive come to really depend on to get *^&# done..then I have to add groceries and laundry to life and well, Im just as annoyed that Im not taking after photo's today either, but they will come ..PROMISE! (mainly because this dresser isnt mine and she will, eventually, want it back looking differently than when her Mister dropped it off ...*grin*) Today's progress on it looks grim as well as we're setting up our tree which....I must admit...and this might kick me out of certain blog circles.......I am not looking forward too. *I* dont love having a tree in my living room. I LOVE how my family loves having a tree our living room..but me personally....I do not. Years ago, I had to promise The Mister that I wouldnt take it down before New Years day because he knows I'm itching to get that baby back in the basmeent by Boxing Day...(Dec. 26th) Bah-Humbug and all that...Im not a Christmas Scroooge..I really do love Christmas.The Spirit, the Family, The dedicated priorities people (finally) give to others besides themselves .I just dont love cramming more stuff into my already cozy small space living room with 3 people, 1 cat, 2 dogs, Sushi #7 (our fish) and a tv I think is too big....Is that Scroodg-y? I just want to eat, drink, love, share (in that order?? No, I should say in no particular order) and why I need gigantic bells hanging from every doorknob or Santa and Mrs. Claus Candles or 3 Nativity sets to do this, I dunno.. My Bunny does count sleeps to set up her lil Village set, so that one, I actually dont mind pulling out from under the stairs...The GIGANTIC wood candy cane I dont even know what it is for thing ..Ill leave in the shed...

Okokokok..Im Rambling (and maybe procrastinating) but as already established, I dont have any furniture photo's to share today..but I have a link...a FEATURE that Ive left till last. Roeshel from the DIY Showoff featured me the other day.
AKKK! HERE!..I was freakin out when I read her "heads up" email and then "No Way!" at the company I keep with other amazing talent! I know..because when Im on her blog site..Im all OooOoooo and Ahhhhhhh and Wowza'a over what I see! Please check it'll be Ooooooo and Ahhhhh'd too! Car-u-zing other sites and seeing other artist's pieces definitly inspire me to think outside the box and reach high to set  a certain bar for myself..... Thank you so much Roeshel!!

Alright..Im must go and erect a large fake tree in my small, cozy, quaint living room space. Wish me luck that a long enough year has passed for my cat to now know that climbing up the inside like a backwards game of Plinko after the decorations are hung with care, just really isnt cool.

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