November 28, 2010

Ive been Featured and I Finished! Good Day!

I started to write a blog mainly for myself...which sounds selfish, I know.. I started it to keep track of my furniture pieces long after they've been sold and to show them off to friends and family who I dont invite into my basement regularly...everything else since has been pure icing on the cake! People I dont know ( real life) reading and commenting, offering support and encouragement and these last few things have turned this blog into more than I ever anticipated it would become..I HAVE to thank you and you and you for reading, commenting, supporting, and encouraging. Ive made plans with some of you who have asked me to paint your already loved furniture treaures...and lemmie tell you...I CANT fricken wait! *compose*
So now, I write my blog for so much more. One of my favorite blogs is from Cassie at Primitive and Proper. I read her's every single day and walk away inspired just as often. She's featured me once before and I was beyond excited! To get a lil recognition from someone who I only know "of" in blogland is quiet the compliment....and now, Ive been featured again..which just made my day! Check out her blog, see my Beatles Black Bird table and please take-a-look-at the other fabulous projects she featured as well.....they are all so omgosh inspiring!
Thank you for the feature (again) Cassie!!

Now, on to my project!! It took me longer than normal, but thats ok. It was the down time I needed for my arm and who can have too much extra time to spend with friends and family? Can't. Its really, taking a bit longer, altho somedays I had to sit on my hands...was wonderful.

I got this piece for my sister who just moved into her first house from an itty bitty condo. She has vast amounts of room for more furniture now and I plan to take full advantage of it (again, maybe slightly selfish) Her accent color on her main floor is red so when I saw this piece, even before she had bought her house, I knew it would be perfect for really..there could be no other color option for it.

I color matched the red in the glass and got to work. The hardware was the ugliest Ive ever seen, so much so that The Mister actually commented on "your replacing that right?" Here, I'm going to vent and mention that while caruzing in a thrift store after I bought this piece, I did see its had different drawer and cupboard placement but it had the same ugly hardware and red design. I concidered buying it until I saw what it was priced at ......ready?....$938! At the Thrift Store?! I know! Holy Crap is right! In "need some love and attention" condition? Frea-kin Crazies!! That makes me angry and frustrated beyond measure, and not for selfish reasons either *siighh* but thats a whole other post!

ANY-ways, here she is all done just this morning.

I couldnt bring it upstairs for nice, natural light staged photo's, so I had to rely on my flash in my basment. It makes the red design on the glass slightly different and brighter from the all over color, and it makes the all over color more pink than the deeeeep, rich, dark red than it is in *real life*. Also, the glass red and the all over shade are the exact same red when standing in the same room as this piece and not looking at it in a dark dungy basement with no natural light and a helluva bright flash... I did paintable wall paper again with some glaze to add a lil bit more ooomph.

New hardware thank gawd

I did have to do some repair to one of the lower shelves inside...eazy peazy tho..Now, I have to keep this baby under wraps till the big day. O! and get it over to her house in the snow...I just might give it to her early on the next nice, no snow day. Really, thats how Ill justify giving it to her early. Im excited for her to see it. To be honest and between you and me, I thought long and hard a few times about keeping it..(selfish, I know) but I dont have the space..and this way, I can see it everytime I go over..which is a lot as she moved pretty darn close and my Bunny and 2 dogs LOVE there Auntie..and ask to go over all the time. Seriously, the dogs do.

Awwww...theres even the cutest lil velvet lined cutlery tray...... 


  1. awesome work, Ophelia!
    and i'm not just saying that 'cause your some of my fave family, you have talent and gifts from your heart and soul that we all love you for.

    continue to pursue the passions of life and love that you so wonderfully share with all of us near and afar!

  2. Will you be my sister???

    That is gorgeous. I am a huge fan of red. The added touch with the wallpaper was a brilliant idea.

    Take care,

  3. it looks beautiful! it is one of those statement pieces. i especially love what you did with the paintable wallpaper. your sis better realize how lucky she is to have you!
    and thank you also for your kind words. you were very deserving of being highlighted- you are so talented!

  4. Your sister is one lucky girl!! That piece is so FUN!

  5. What a wonderfully unique piece of furniture. I love that red!

  6. Thank you so much!!! I am a lil bit nervous about giving it to her actually as her style can be very different from mine..but she said that she's loved everything Ive done so far and she PROMISED if she didnt 100% LOVE it, that I could (gladly) take it back and find her some much needed orange bedside tables...Im actually not sure wich way to hope for!..LOL!

  7. I love it and, I'm sorry, I would keep it! 8>) You did an excellent job and your sister is so lucky to have you!
    About the thrift store, WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!

  8. That is the most unique buffet I have ever seen! I think she will love it but it would be hard to let it go!! Great job!

  9. sweet - found you via Better After! always good to meet another Canadian blog sista...speaking of sisters, my very first featureon Better After was the redo of my sister's master bedroom :) love your stuff, Lady!


  10. Ive decided to give it to her early. Its getting too hard to keep it around here, looking at it, feeling it, smell..JUST kidding about that one. I need to have it out of sight, and hopefully out of mind will follow??..LOL
    Thank you ladies!! I really appreciate your comments!


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