October 24, 2010

Learning Lessons

I had a day yesterday...I mean, I had A DAY!! You know what Im talking about Willis..the kinda day where nothing goes right and your actually ok and find the humour about it all until the very end when that cherry on the top happens that sends you right over the edge....yea, that kinda day!

Normally, Im understanding and happy and a "whaaaat-eva" sorta person...I just ride the ride but yesterday late afternoon, I needed to put myself in a time out, so I went to the Farmers Market solo (not by choice either....my family all declined my invite...which  was extremly understanding) Now..It started out as good day...I was in a good day mood, the sun was out, my family were all home together on a Saturday, which is very rare, and what happend was..Well, what happened was..a person who contacted me numerous numerous NUMEROUS times about purchasing one of my pieces...who was brazen and rude and demanding and other unmentionable things pulled a no-show on me...wasting my whole entire day that could have been better spent with my family! Then when I called her finally at 4:00pm, the number she gave me was a wrong number....THEN because I was waiting at home for her, the desk I LOVED and really HAD TO HAVE to myself that I found on Kijiji for a ridiculously bargin price was sold to someone else because the owner, obviously brighter than I, sold it to another person for fear that I was going to be a no show (after me contacting him a few times pushing back the pick up time later and later)...THEN-THEN, I went to get coffee cream from Wal*Mart and they were out of coffee cream...they were out of half and half, they were out of whipped cream as well as soy...They had nothing...How is THAT even possible??? I was reciting the whole strongly worded letter to myself that I planned to write to the WalMart Corporation the whole way back to my car!! Now, there was a saving grace moment when I did come home and I was putting groceries away.  I found a bottle of wine in my fridge!! My friend Angie was over the previous weekend and *I* thought we drank it dry..however, as if I could love her even more than I already did....I found the wine she had left and drank it deliciously! Maybe even straight from the bottle. Please dont judge. Ang! xoxoxo

And now, my cherry on top? Aaaahahahahahaha..Here it is..I made cookies. Cookies make everyone feel better right?? I'll feel better just by baking some and in a way, Im apologising to my family for being so grumpy. Cookies. Perfect. At 9pm I cracked my first egg. Apple cookies with vanilla glaze!! Delish and healing for crappy days!! I couldnt WAIT!...................................but no. They didnt work out! Never in my LIFE have cookies not worked out! Again I ask! How is that even possible?! They didnt bake, they stayed raw and soggy and drippy BUT they also burned..Its a seventh freakin wonder! After the third sheet coming out of the oven to the 3rd different temp, I tossed down the flipper, immediatly left the kitchen, walked up to The Mister and the Bunny playing wii, kissed them both on the forehead and went to bed.....Good night F&*%5G Saturday.

Fear not....today..Glorious Sunday!! I feel better...the day was better. It took an amazing crappy, nothing working out day to really have me appreciate the good, perfect, blissful one. Today, today I can see the lessons I was taught yesterday..I can see where I could have changed my day's outcome and where it was out of my hands..I know, I will not be having a day like that again soon thank gawd They dont normally follow each other.. I am more so in love with my family for them just knowing Im better than I was. My vanity set left this morning with a very wonderful Dad who bought it for his princess  (hello irony)..he was so considerate and respectful and a real joy to deal with..he also insisted I take more $$ than I originaly asked...so THAT'S what was meant to be! I had a long and very enjoyable conversation with an elderly women on her front porch who gifted me her mothers vintage make-up cases (I collect them) as well as explained to me in great detail how to roast tomato's for canning..I enjoyed seeing my sister spend the first full day in her brand new, first ever house AND I loved, selfishly, seeing my Bunny dolled up to the nines in make-up, braids, curly's, sparkles and hair tinsel when I picked her up from a birthday party held at a salon....WalMart, I'll forgive you too..but only because I was forced to use the Baileys Liquor I found in my cupboard this morning at 8am, Please dont judge.

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