October 22, 2010

Come Together!

I snooped in on myself here in blog land and found out that Ive been visited by many people from around the world...the thought is mind boggling! The idea that there is someone in Russia or Spain that has seen my face is well, yes, altho slightly creepy it's also so very cool..so cool, that it completly trumps creepy for me!! Blogs! Bringing the world together!! Thank you deeeeply to every single one of you for taking the time to read, support and comment on this lil blog that I not so very long ago started one night when I couldnt sleep because I was insanely craving chips and didnt have any to indulge in....Altho I express myself the very best through words on a page, I cant seem to find the right ones to use other than a very sincere Thank you so much.

And now.. some people have contacted me about doing custom pieces..either I search for a treasure that will work perfectly for them or they provide there own furniture canvas..either of which I will TOTALLY LOVE to do. I can go freestyle....or we can work together and pick paint colors and designs that would magically match your space. However, I am limited in my travels and cannot stray great distances from home....sadly. Shipping items of such size are not where Im at right now either ...the very best thing to do, is contact me via email and we can chat and plan and set out the best laid option that will work for both of us. I can travel a little bit....Calgary, southern Alberta and the vicinitiy's of both...but unfortunatly, Netherlands, I'm really sorry...but very appreciative just the same..

Also, if there is anything on my blog that you love and want and need...well. Im all for that too!! None of these items were my Great Grandmothers wedding gift from her long lost prisoner of war Uncle...so, they are all fair game as Im not emotionally clung to them. Some are already listed and others I havent got around to do yet but send me an email and if I havent already sold it...we need to chat!! Just click up there on my "Contact" tab and voila.....

I cant wait to hear from you and thank you again for spending time on my blog.

"Words form the thread on which we string our experiences"
~Aldous Huxley

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  1. love the info. you share, the humour and reality you bring to us near and far...or very far!
    keep the creations coming and continue to make the world a better place by telling the rest of us how to do the same :)


I LOVE hearing from you all! Thank you so much for taking the time to not only read my blog, but to comment and support!


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