October 31, 2010

Itty-Bitty Project

Sometimes I just want a project that takes me a couple hours instead of a couple days...something to give me my creative release but still have time to make dinner. THIS was just the project! I was given this beauty from a neighbor and was told it used to belong to her husbands Great Grandmother who used it for holding her knitting. They've carried it around with them over the years but it just didnt go with there decor and has been living in the deepest darkest depths of her basement..I thought it was bea-u-ti-ful and sad to hide away.

Too bad I dont knit....I needed another use for this...But wait...Im getting ahead of myself  here, becasue first, first she needed to be Yellow! I hand paint most things. I love the calming effect it has on me, it relaxes me and forces me to have conversations with myself that sometimes Im too busy for during the day. I also can nurture my OCD and get into the grooves just exactly how I need to. Dont get me wrong, I can rock the spray paint but since I wanted to leave the innards of this piece natural...knitting needle pokes in the wood and all, I needed my OCD to be precise. After she was done and scuffed up enough for people to respect her age.....I had the perfect new job for her to do..

Holding the towels in our mainfloor powder room. How super homemaker-y is THAT! This powder room has been known to have dishtowels in it to dry hands on because the kitchen is closer than the linen closet upstairs and sometimes company would come over and they would get the tea towel too or gasp nothing at all BUT I didnt notice that until after they left..so its not my fault..

Its just so perfectly yellow and so perfectly efficiant.
Lets all sigh and stare.....

Yes, my bathroom is indeed black...its a matte black so no, your dont get that wrapped in a shiney garbage bag feeling once the door is closed..I looove it and would consider doing the whole entire house this color ..that is, if I didnt love all the other colors like I do.


  1. I Love the detail of this piece! How cute is it in your bathroom with towels! Adorable!

  2. that is so cute, and it looks perfect in the bathroom! i love it! thanks for sharing!

  3. Ooh...that looks great in your black bathroom. Mine is black too. Posting about it soon.



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