May 10, 2014

Anastasia Yellow

Well. My paint brush soap  shot off like a rocket after the news paper article and then things got busy. In a good way. Ive been busy in a bad way before and its no fun, this was busy fun. The CBC called and I did a radio interview all about the soap..van Gogh Fossil (chalk) paint--another favorite paint I use and carry at ReVived Vintage, asked if I would create a version for them and their paint of course we did:

Isnt is bea-u-tiful?! This is now available at all van Gogh Fossil Paint retailers world wide---some, I know, just shipped out to New Zealand!!  
Find the Paintologist near you HERE and go get one!! I would carefully unwrap it and stick the label somewhere where I can appreciate it every-single-day. Its so pretty. 

Also, and this one makes me giddy, but *my* private label soaps are also available in Lethbridge (My Hometown!! Can I get an old school Arsenio Hall "Whoop! Whoop!) and in Medicine Hat Alberta at Freddies Paint and Decor

Good for every single brush you paint it on walls, floors, canvas's , furniture, even make up artist are using it on their brushes.Talk about you people taking it further from the box than I did! I couldnt be more excited or grateful about that! Thank you!

Anyway, Ive rambled...all of this sure made things busier for me, plus the shop is full steaming along with custom work, workshops and just the day to day. Im exhausted in that really good way your happy and thankful taking a boot camp class or working a double shift in a downtown pub in Calgary during Stampede, and afterwards, your so sore and so tired but so happy for what you accomplished....yeah, JUST like that....(because Ive done both of those, so these are dead on references..LOL)

Im so  happy that so many of you read it about the Homestead House Furniture Acrylic post I wrote , appreciated it and popped in the shop for a quart. Its a great paint for quick, maintenance free, or needing a very durable-and washable project. but, sometimes, it just comes down to color.

Introducing: "Garden Seed:

I did this Baby in a day...I named her Anastasia because she belonged to my Great-Grandmother, Anastasia, who went by "Nancy" after she immigrated to Canada from the Ukraine. I originally named this piece Nancy....but after careful thought and consideration, and calling her that for a while...I decided she was much more Anastasia.

 Interesting Observance: most people are afraid of yellow...They love it after I've painted something in it and they can *see it*, then that yellow flys outta here.... but when I first suggest the color, I always get hesitation or a flat our refusal more times with yellow than I do with red, purple, green... *I think* its because yellow can go wrong. Its one of those colors you really have to choose the right Tone (Tones come from adding gray) Shade,  (comes from adding black) or Tint (adding white) Its the fear of "banana yellow" and I get it...I just re-painted my own bathroom because the first choice, in the light was just that, (and I love yellow) so I "toned" it down by adding in some leftover grey paint I had and perfection....its glorious. I love it there!  

I added some heavy duty weaved upholstery fabric to the drawers..Keeping with my Grandma's roots of bright and bold. 

The fact they were cats--funky cats--was Bonus. They're nothing short of awesome!!

Anastasia "Before"  Stored in my brothers basement in Edmonton, Alberta for 13 years....then hauled here, to Vancouver Island by my Mom and a trailer...Its took a family to reVive this piece.

Cleaned up the hardware...had to repaint the hardware, added some new hardware and fun filing cabinet labels, I did choose to dark wax it to add some *dirt* and depth to her, and she-is-done. 

I think Grandma Nancy would love her too. She would tell me ALL about it in Ukrainian, and I wouldn't know any of the words she was saying, but I would know what she was saying..and I would listen while she offered me another and another (and another and another) of  "Dad's Cookies" until the package was empty.

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