February 24, 2014

Paint Series: Homestead House Furniture Paint

I carry three distinct and unique paints in my shop---(van Gogh Fossil) aka: "chalk" Paint:; (Miss Mustard Seed) Milk Paint and (Homestead House) Furniture Acrylic.. and I get asked every day which one is my preference, my favorite..the one I cant live without. No one believes me when I toss my body across the 3 paint shelves  in soap opera-dramatic fashion and yell in a whisper  "All of them!"... Each one has such a different look and characteristic from the others. They are in fact 3 *very different* paints and my personal paint shelf wouldn't be complete without each one.  The next question that follow is always: "How do you choose which paint to use?" A great question. So, I decided to write a series answering the questions I get asked the most.....because I imagine, other people have these questions and just haven't made it into my shop to ask me yet..*smile*

Now, there are a few "truths" to furniture refinishing and a "perfect" paint for everything--an end all-be-all paint, just doesn't exist--that's a truth. There is no paint that will be the best choice for every single application I come across or every look and technique I want to achieve. Milk paint in "linen" white on a mahogany piece..Mmm, I wouldn't. A wax topcoat vanity in a high steam bathroom...not the best choice. However all of these paints have far more applications that they do outstandingly well in, rather than places they don't....its just knowing the difference between them, in their prep and in the endurance of the paint choice on the piece for a quality, long lasting finish.

So, lets dance! First up: Homestead House Furniture Paint

Photo Courtesy of  Homestead House Paint Co. and All Dolled Up

I love this paint and I will probably start all my upcoming paint posts that way. The reasons I love this paint, its a 100% acrylic, environmentally safe, zero VOC (no smell is a very good thing). This furniture paint is washable, scrubbable, super durable and without the (although very little)  maintenance of a wax or oil topcoat. I carry the eggshell finish so it has that little bit higher of a shine that some people buff and buff and buff the wax piece to achieve, but here....you paint it and your done...but,...(and this is awesome), you can  still wax it if you wanna, and get that dark/clear/white depth and waxed luster most of us love. It does slightly dull down the eggshell, but not the durability.  What makes this acrylic different from the paint at your hardware store?  Everything!! This is made with furniture in mind, so much like chalk paint, it can be applied to almost any previously painted or coated surface without sanding, stripping or priming. A little goes a long way, it has a quick dry time and can also easily be "naturally" distressed similar to the milk and chalk paint.

Photo Courtesy of  Homestead House Paint Co. and All Dolled Up
When I choose to use it.

I choose my paints based on a couple factors. What kind of piece is it? What will it be used for? Who will be using it? Who will be taking care of it? What look do I want, Will the style or color be changed frequently?

All of these paints can be used in almost every applications..it depends on the look and the amount of work you want to do. For this paint..since it doesn't need the extra topcoat to be durable or washable, it's perfect for kitchen cabinets! It takes potentially a big job and scales it down to a manageable project!  A desk, or the furniture in your kids room, where you want it to be durable and washable, have almost no maintenance and in 5 years, you want to paint it again, this paint makes that easier. I also choose Homestead House acrylic when I want to start and finish a piece in one day..There, I said it! A dirty little secret. With the quick dry time and  no extra topcoat needed..no smell so I can paint in my living room...this actually can happen.

Photo Courtesy of  Homestead House Paint Co. and All Dolled Up

Photo Courtesy of  Homestead House Paint Co. and All Dolled Up

Now, I wouldn't choose this paint if.....the list is short.
~I want a velvet, chalky soft, "worn down over the years" feel to the piece.
{chalk paint or milk paint creates that beautifully}
~ I want a matte paint with just a true soft waxed luster:
{chalk or milk paint}
~I want to add shimmer and shake with metallic glazes or pearl finishes
{chalk paint--because these play the best on a porous matte surface}
~ I want a chippy, flaked off paint, natural look.
{milk paint}
~ I want a tonal, varied color "sun bleached" look to the paint.
{milk paint}
~ I don't plan on distressing it right away
{Homestead House Furniture paint distresses the best a short time after its dried. The longer it sits, the harder it cures and altho, you still can, its harder to achieve the more natural look}

The Color Palette:

    Left to Right: Maritime Blue, Soldier Blue, Homestead Blue, and Midnight Blue.
Photo Courtesy of Homestead House

 Left to Right: Laurentien,  Loyalist, Rideau, Quaker Blue
Photo Courtesy of Homestead House

Left to Right: Buttermilk, Ochre, Garden Seed, Mustard
Photo Courtesy of Homestead House

Left to Right: Upper Canada, Gatineau, Acadia Pear, Bayberry
Photo Courtesy of Homestead House

Left to Right: Cathedral Taupe, Bedford, Algonquin, Cartier
Photo Courtesy of Homestead House

Left to Right: Sturbridge White, Raw Silk, Champlain, Limestone
Photo Courtesy of Homestead House

Coal Black, and Chocolate
Photo Courtesy of Homestead House

For a fabulous, complete description of each color, Homestead House wrote, but what else, a blog post about it!  

another sometimes, I choose my paint solely based on 1 and only 1 thing.

What Color do I want?

Feel free to send me any questions either here or revivedvintage@gmail.com

Next up: van Gogh Chalk Paint!

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