February 7, 2014

ReVived Vintage "Limited Editions"

 I think we all have our "hoarding" secrets with things we're passionate about. Cooks have kitchen gadgets, quilters have closets of fabric, painters have paint...and nothing makes me more inspired and motivated to get creating as new colors do! Ive painted my whole life, furniture --canvas---anything, and so to me, 1 blue or 1 yellow just cant cut it..I need many-many- birds of a feather...and so, last August, as I was painting away in my shop, I started thinking about how other painters probably feel the way I do..and altho the van Gogh Fossil (chalk) paint palette is glorious, I, maybe selfishly, wanted some new colors to play with...and then, in a little while, Id probably want some more and later on, some more and so, I emailed Kathy van Gogh, "THE" van Gogh in van Gogh Fossil paint and tossed my shot-in-the-dark idea at her....and her being an artist too...loved my idea of  "Limted Edition" colors, feeding the need and hoarding itch of painters everywhere! An endless supply of rotating new colors for our palettes!! O....my. My creative cup runnith over...

Fast forward to today...6 months later. They went live and I am excited. I have a few really exciting things coming down the pipe and not being able to talk about any of them yet has had me bursting at the seams....but today, I can share this one...Limited Editions. Kathy bestowed the first round of color choice on me..and altho, having new colors to paint with is awesome and wonderful, actually picking new colors from a fan deck of thousands can be daunting..Last August, I chose 3, and then quietly tucked the list in my desk and enjoyed summer....and fall.....and Christmas and New Years and then my friend Lisa called ( another van Gogh retailer from Cameo Boutique here on Van Island) and said that she was up for a road trip and wanted to come and visit .....and so she came, and we spent the day together oogling fan decks, painting things, coffee, laughter, inappropriate jokes and had a really fantastic time... (She lives about 2 hours south of me, so our visits are always on a phone-- texting or talking.."in person" was long overdue) I chose 3 colors again, out of thousands, and then remembered the list in my drawer....and wouldn't you know it, I chose the same 3...*mind blown* Clearly I was committed....the fourth color was a collaboration choice and it compliments the palette perfectly.."Enough Rambling Christie, show the damn colors already" *wink*

The van Gogh Fossil Paint "ReVived Vintage" Limited Edition Color Palette:

I chose this smoky blue for a couple reasons. Blue is my favorite color..in all hues and tones. I have to make conscious choices everyday to not paint everything I do with a shade of blue..I love the blue of the sky and the blue of the water. I chose "this" one because, when I drive my daughter to school, we are fortunate enough to drive along the sea wall...and its early enough that there is usually fog rolling across it, the reflection giving the water a really smokey blue.  This drive is a favorite for me. A beautiful way to start my day with Madi...sometimes we pull over and watch the seals and are late for school, but who cares. She chats about everything important to her and I listen and at 13 years old, that's important time together. The name, Carter, is my last name (and part of Madi's full name) and  all growing up, right up to today, its the name my closest friends call me.
Carter: with clear and dark beeswax topcoats

"Wheat King"
This name is "Home" for me...I grew up on the prairies, in southern Alberta and if you've been around my blog long enough, you know I love 'em.  Dont get me wrong, I love this ocean island life, I fit right in, but this girl will always have love for the"patchwork quilt" of yellows, greens and browns of farmers fields....Choosing a golden "canola" yellow was easy for me..Its my very favorite yellow..and the sky scrapers *I* grew up with ...the grain elevators...well. they were our Wheat Kings.

Wheat King: Clear and Dark waxed topcoats

"ReVived Vintage"
In choosing my palette I stayed true to me...I love deep, rich vintage colors. Not muted pastels, even though I know that Pantone's color of the year is "Radiant Orchid"..that means nothing to me...The colors that used to grace our dishware, and appliances, even our bathrooms ..the deep rich colors are *my* favorite. "Avacado green" am I the only one who wouldn't mind a bathroom sink and toilet that color? When I choose to name this deep rusty orange "ReVived Vintage" it was, obviously after my own business name..but it's what I do. So, I named it after the "vintage" colors our parents and grandparents surrounded themselves with. The colors I choose to paint (mainly) with to "Revive Vintage"

ReVived Vintage: with Clear and Dark Wax Topcoats.

A perfect grey. Not with a blue tone, not with a purple tone...a true grey. Thank you to Lisa for helping me choose this neutral....neutral colors are not my strong point, (*ahem* white?!)  but I love a good grey and this one is it.   Literally named for the grey it is..a perfect Zepplin grey...but moreso secretly in homage for my love of the good 'ol classic music that fills my house and my shop every single day..It always starts with Led Zep, but runs thru The Doors, Pearl Jam, Johnny Cash....unfortunately, I could only name this color once.

Zepplin: with clear wax and dark wax topcoats

That's my ReVived Vintage palette of van Gogh Fossil Paint. Don't you love it when a little idea comes together?!  They work so perfect together, but also with the entire van Gogh collection! I tend to put emotion into everything I do, so I am proud and excited and grateful for being given the opportunity to create and inspire with my very own color palette of chalk paint.. These colors will be sold at ALL vG retailers from here to Timbuktoo, available in a couple weeks..so, go pick up a can of " Zepplin"  "Wheat King" or "ReVived Vintage" and be inspired to create.... tell them "Carter" sent you---*smile*

*thank you to Lisa for the sample board pictures of each color with the different wax topcoats. Such an awesome way to just show 'em all at their versatile best!*


  1. I love your mind and you! Luv luv luv the back stories! Thanks for sharing....I'm gonna have my brush dipped ever so swetly in these colrs in a few weeks and I cannot wait!! Xoxo
    Ava Blake Creations

  2. Beautiful choices! Thank you for sharing your passion!

  3. Kathy van Gogh says: What an awesome colour story. Thank you Christie for making van Gogh better by sharing your passion and talent with us.


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