January 20, 2014

My Point Exactly!

Just dropping in to post some pictures of the chair set I'm working on for a client (did I mention: 12 chairs?) because, since I posted a quick picture on my ReVived Vintage Facebook, word has come back to me, via emails, Facebook messages, phone calls, and visits from people at the shop, that these were a great-big-huge-hit. So much so that I needed to watermark them and create a "how to" workshop...LOL. It really is a fabulously awesome feeling randomly poking around Pinterest and seeing your work *very exciting* My friend (a fellow painter) called me tonight and told me that she was sent the picture and was asked if she could recreate the my chairs, which I thought was funny and wonderfully flattering...altho, the picture she got wasn't watermarked yet, she knew...luckily, she knows my work! as well as the background of my shop LOL!


Here's the before:

I know right...don't we ALL have this set? Well, except me..but, I've sat at this set manymanymany times because many people I know, have had this exact chair set. Its a great set! Solid wood, great quality, sturdy and solid and great.....but...kinda dated by now isn't it? Because, all the times I've sat at it, was at my friends house's when I was invited to stay for dinner or for sleepover birthday parties...I was watching a TV show the other day, that takes place in the 80's  and guess what!! Yup. They have them too..

And so, about time this happened then. a ReVival!

She needed a strip down on the seat, in order to open up the grain for a re-stain. After years of staining with *cough*wheeze* toxic chemicals and oils, I chose to use my new favorite! A 100% environmentally safe and sound combination of Miss Mustard Seeds's "Curio" milk paint, Homestead House's walnut wood milk stain and hemp oil. I needed to achieve the finish my client wanted. I was aiming to copy the stain of her wood floor...and  I did it with a recipe using these 3 products--all the while, the shop still smelling of vanilla.

Hemp Oil is my favorite topcoat of choice, especially with re-stains! It feeds and conditions the wood, deepens the colors and adds a level of water resistance....Id bathe in this stuff if I could, which I guess......*shrug* I could.
The color of the chair, is "mascara" from the van Gogh Fossil (chalk) paint collection. A dark slate grey and one of my addicted to favorites. When I go and drop off my empty cans of paint at the recycle depot, Marcus always asks me if I have a box full of "mascara"..maybe time to cut off of it for a bit.*grin*

I just luv LOVE how they turned out! They are a PRIME and PERFECT example of, with just a little elbow grease and a lil bit of paint, and not just any paint, but environmentally conscious paint and products, you can take good quality, solid, great pieces of (just) outdated furniture and turn it all around!
This before and after is exactly my point..exactly what I do and teach and encourage and *hopefully* inspire people to do everyday!

11 more to go!

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