January 11, 2011


My second finished piece is actually one of 2...the "2" not being done yet and honestly, I dont know if it will be ever. The backstory is..I answered an ad for "free or going to the dump solid wood antique sidetables." Sounds right up my alley..."ILL SAVE YOU!" I thought to myself and burned over to pick them up. Well, the lady that answered the door was pregnant..and I mean preg-NANT! I actually remember thinking I hoped I brought my cell phone in my haste to leave incase her water broke just waddling to the door. Well, she showed me these 2 tables that she, as a VERY preg-NANT women had hauled up the stairs. I wont lie..total disapointment. These babies were HEAVY....heavy pressboard with sheets of fake "wood grain" glued all over..as for the "antique-ness", well. Circ: 1983 doesnt even come close. In any case, I couldnt leave this poor women with these things to haul back down stairs with her off kilt 13 months pregnant center of gravity failing her...so I took them and tossed them in my basement in a corner for months thinking about wha..the..^&%*$ should I do. I had zero inspiration.


 Then, I went and sold all of my sidetables and with compnay coming to stay at my house while we're away,(with my 2 FEROCIOUS dogs I might add) I needed one  for our spare room pronto..I dusted one of these fugg uggly's off, told myself my budget was $0 and went to see what I could come up with.

I did add moulding at the base of the shelf...nothing fancy, but better than nothing I thought.

I HAD to add real wood somewhere!

I like it, It'll definitly do for what I need it for and I defintly stayed on budget, especially part in thanks to my Bunny and the Mister (o, and Santa too I guess) for giving my all the power tools and wood working supplies I need for emergencies just as this! I havent decided if I'll do the other one yet..doing 2 piece the same isnt really my style...We'll see...I guess,who says they need to be the same?

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  1. that is one eclectic piece, and it works very well for your purpose and with what i can see of the other elements of the room.


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