January 5, 2011

It takes a Village!!

Im writing this blog to appeal to the masses for a favor. I know, maybe slightly forward since most of us just met...however, I am a person that only ever asks for things when I really really need help so hopefully, you'll all understand and carry thru reading this.
My amazing, wonderful, damn funny Mr. Positive 25 year old cousin has cancer and needs a stem cell transplant. We really need the village to rally around him and support him by adding yourself to the donor list for stem cells and bone marrow...if your not a match for him, you could be for someone else and SAVE.A.LIFE. So,  I'm asking nicely for the whole wide world to sign up at One Match.ca. It's a donor bank for patients in dire need of stem cell or bone marrow transplants...you can even carry on straight from the site and book an appointment to donate blood. It only takes a minute of your time but you could be the difference and save someones life! Also, if you or anyone you know is expecting a baby, please consider donating your umbilical cord blood - it's very easy! There is a goldmine of super-blood just tucked away in there..waiting to help heal!! This has to be arranged before the birth! I know we dont think much about these things until it affects your family, but right now, this cancer is affecting my family and we need all of our friends..far and wide..in the real world and in my blog world to help us!

Thank you so much everyone!

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