April 4, 2011

Styish Blogger Award What!?

I received a Stylish Blogger Award which makes me oh so excited for a couple reasons. First being that it was given to me from Katie over at Craptastic katie (and honetly, I wish I thought of that name first..its brilliant) I just love reading her blog. She. is. hilarious. I reccommend HIGHLY that you head over there and read the story of how her husband proposed to her! I was crying from laughing so hard...it involves police, sucpision of drugs and a "friends" questionable brown paper bag that no one wants to claim as there own...read it...after you finish mine tho please ;-P

The next reason that Im excited to get this blog hat tipped to me is that I do not, at all, think of myself as having anything "with style"...honestly...I just do what I like, wear what I like, and then creepy stare at people who actually do have style....blogs are no different...I creep stylish blogs all the time thinking, "now there's a blog thats pulled together!" In anycase, THANK YOU! I appreciate it....As per the fun of it, I am supposed share 7 things about myself so people can know me better. Ok, Lets Roll...

1) After 14 years, I just..like last week, legally changed my name to The Misters..well, kinda....I hyphenated.. It was no political femminiest stance I was holding on to...it was me just being lazy and not wanting to pay for a new licence when mine didnt expire until 2011....

2) I adore these crackers....lovelovelove them...My 2 favorite flavors married together just to make my life even more beautiful.. I can polish off the whole box during Judge Judy..so please, dont tell me what the "serving size" is...I dont wanna know

3) I went to College and studied Broadcast Journalism...but after the first year out in televsion and radio random jobs, I realized the broadcasters in my home town and the city I was moving to had  been there for 110 years and wernt going anywhere until they
1) retired or
 B) Pearly Gates
They.were.lifer's and I needed a job now but...I didnt want to move to Timbuktu northern Canada and do radio calls for supply planes, so that student loan was kinda a bust. I have never regreted changing directions on that fork in my road tho.

4)  I love Las Vegas and I love cruises...I was told on our trip to St. Maarten from a local looking down at my hands, that I was "an old soul"...what I think the lady was trying to politly tell me, is that I love to vacation just like old people vacation..they're just one up on me because they get senior discounts and I dont yet..

*Ive been there..and yes, it IS just this amazing*

5) I have 2 very different thumbs. One's normal and pretty and the other one is short, and stubby..I like to blame my mom and the drugs of 70's..but thats totally not at all true..the REAL story is me age: 4..my brother age: 6 and my Grandpa's Cordorba door (solid steel, but with the coolest blue leather interior)
My brother slammed it shut on my hand, I started screaming, he freaked out and ran up a tree so he wouldnt get in trouble and I just had to wait there for help...stunted growth I think..

I love this car!

6) Ive lost almost 20 pounds in 9 months,..I never set out to lose weight.  I just wanted to feel cute in a swim suit for our trip (see above 4) However, after manymanymany people asking me what my secret is...I can say,  I work out regularly and work out hard, and I push myself more than anyone...but I will also say, I absolutly hate doing it...Im not a workout-lover...Im not a sporty-spice...Im not that "crazy perky person who loves to sweat and feel the burn." BUT. I'll cough up and honestly say, I do love how my new bum looks in my new jeans *smile*

7) My favorite household chore is laundry...for real. I could do it everyday...I even borderline can say I like-like laundry, which we ALL know is just one step away from "love"

K, thats it....and wow, it was hard...I dont know what people know about me already or what they even care to know about me..maybe I just bored you all to tears...LOL!
In anycase, thnak you again and Im back to painting....first coat should be dry!


  1. I have a friend that has two different shaped thumbs too! But hers are genetic.. one thumb is like her Mom's, the other is like her Dad's. It's hilarious!


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